A homegoing for me

I had a chance last week to pay a return visit to M-I's Corporate HQ where the Training Department is located. My old boss, Frank Boykin is still looking after things there, and needed some help to get some of his young engineers trained. I jumped at the chance and put it on my already fairly crowded teaching calendar.

As usual the class was an elcectic group of young trainee engineers from around the world- Equitorial Guinea, Argentina, Thailand, Mexico, Bolivia, Canada, Alaska, Scotland, and even a few rednecks from West Texas and Oklahoma. It was lively week and it was a great honor for me to lead these folks a few steps down the path toward Completions Excellence!

Thanks to Frank Boykin for giving me this opportunity, and thanks to M-i SWACO for sending these young people to Houston for training!

A couple of pics follow!


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