Dave Messler

is a veteran of more thirty-five years in the oilfield reservoir drilling fluids (RDF's), and completion fluids business. Having worked inĀ engineering and technical capacities for M-I SWACO for much of this time, he was responsible for developing reservoir drilling fluids for major clients- Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and many others.

He is also a highly ranked instructor in this discipline, and is certified as an RDF trainer by M-I SWACO and Schlumberger. He has taught students around the world in localities as diverse as Cape Town, South Africa to Bangkok, Thailand. In addition to his background in Training, Mr. Messler has real-world experience in developing and deploying RDF's and breaker systems for wells around the world. Anecdotes and case studies from these experiences will form the basis for class discussion.

Mr. Messler's focus in training is to ensure that participants in the class remain engaged in the learning process during the course. There is a lot of class room discussion, verbal work problems during the lecture, and individual and group exercises to utilize the time in the best possible manner.

Mr. Messler holds a B.S. I. T. degree from Texas A&M Commerce.